Kriss is a Techno DJ at the age of 30 (Born 1986). Originating from Oslo, Norway.
My main focus is on the podcast “The Boiler Room Effect”. The podcast primarily builds on the concept of that dark, twisted never ending techno-train.

Personally, I do my best to please everyone with delivering my sound to my listeners in the best possible way, as newer using compression technologies, or any form of automation. At live performances I always show up a few hours beforehand to check the sound, feel the room and speak with the engineers.

Auto Beatmatching, Master tempo locks and so on takes the sport and feel out of the job for me. Though I have not performed a lot of live gigs – I do see the need to be able to adjust in regards to the crowd in regards to track selections, build ups and so on.

I spend time listening to my music library, so the tracks I know well – which makes performing live sets easier without loosing the drive, to get the people up on and staying on the dance floor.

For any questions please contact me at:
+47 995 50 028


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