reyNiko The Revial, Recorded Live 06-08-2019

The Revial, Recorded Live 06-08-2019 by reyNiko

Dj reyNiko presents this set of Techno live at The Revial, Recorded Live. This set of reyNiko was recorded on August 6, 2019 . Download mp3.

Last Year November 4th, 2018 Niko Nieves (aka reyNiko) suffered through a death defying skydiving accident. Upon landing his 1287th skydive, reyNiko, collided with the ground much harder than expected suffering a nearly fatal spinal injury. Breaking his L4 Vertebrae and fracturing his right hip. He described the pain as insurmountable, referring to his experience as” Electrifying and horrific.” Luckily he was fully conscious; able to control his breathing, and core movements long enough to remain stable throughout the next few hours until surgery. The next morning Niko went under the knife for a 12 hour surgery to re-stabilize his spinal injury. His Neurosurgeon performed a risky but necessary spinal fusion. Prior to surgery He notified Niko that there was a 50/50 chance he would never be able to walk again. Fusing 10 titanium screws and 2 vertical rods into his lumbar spine, without doubt, there was going to be limitations to his futures mobility. During the procedure reyNiko flatlined twice due to massive amounts of blood loss. Furthermore, prompting the surgeons to perform a REVIVAL method. Thankfully, Niko’s time was not up yet. Over the next 6 months reyNiko overcame 2 more surgical procedures making it 3 in total. Filled with mixed emotions reyNiko struggled through a plethora of emotional and mental pain, explaining it as a tremendous battle within. reyNiko spoke in detail about his mental state comparing it to a warrior, “fighting to find joy in all parts of life.” Beyond the confusion, questioning and self pity He luckily was able to find that joy. He described this forthcoming by saying: “Each breath seemed a little crispier, each bite of food a little juicier and each voice, hug, kiss, smile and melody touched a little deeper in to the roots of my soul. I was knocked down but not ready to stay down. I found that through my struggles I would need to commit myself to getting better. Knowing that life had me in a choke hold I, simply, was not ready to submit. So I fought, fought for everything I had ever had and everything I had yet to have. I let these heightened emotions drive me to new realities. Lost in mixed emotions I constantly found that the music was my guide to happiness and always worked to clear my mind. This is MY REVIVAL!” .. so with great pleasure this is reyNiko’s Live Studio Recording: The Revival on TLS!

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