Armandd G Stereo Productions Podcast 397 (Week 15 2021)

Stereo Productions Podcast 397 (Week 15 2021) by Armandd G

Armandd G, is an entrepreneur, promoter, DJ, and former club owner, with a 15 years career in electronic music in Guatemala. He started contributing to the scene as a promoter opening plenty of legendary and renowned nightclubs, where he has hosted renowned artists from many genres. As a result of his trajectory, Armandd G signed in some labels, such as Stereo Productions, Habitat Label, Xima Records, Nervous, Incorrect music, Klaphouse records, Worms Records, 1994 music, Serranos Kitchen.

01. Leonel Camp, Kamilo Sanclemente – The End Comes After Me Feat. Luli Diaz / Plattenbank

02. Band&dos – Bele Bele Feat. Samia (Original Mix) / Go Deeva Records

03. Namy – More Than Paradise (Original Mix) / Ballloom

04. Tektonauts, Armandd G – La Aguja (Miami Edit) / Stereo Productions

05. Elias Kazais – Jomo / Double Cheese Records

06. Purø, Edward Sivira – Mi Pueblo (Original Mix) / Made In Miami

07. DJ Chus – World Routes (Remastered) (Original Mix) / Stereo Productions

08. Frigid Armadillo – Roam In A Day (Original Mix) / Aluku Records

09. Armandd G, Frigid – Gaia (Araguz, Tektonauts Remix) / Serranos Kitchen

10. Tektonauts, Armandd G – Wahiba (Tini Garcia Remix) / Selectechouse

11. Band&dos – Spiritual Roots (Original Mix) / Go Deeva Records

12. Teklix – The Tribal Code (Original Mix) / Outta Limits

13. 2 Tall Keith, Eileen Jaime – Calinda (Extended Mix) / Rebel House Official

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