Chris Liebing RadioSlave's Rekids Open Air Label Party (AM-FM Podcast 292)

RadioSlave’s Rekids Open Air Label Party (AM-FM Podcast 292) by Chris Liebing

Set Report AMFM 292

In the past months we have been digging in the past with those AMFM sets, this week´s set is taking us back to the present and it is the second hour of my set for @radioslave ´s @rekids open air label party on the 24th of September 2020, which was really the last day of summer (what a timing), at @griessmuehle ’s Revier Süd Ost pop up location.

It was a perfectly safe and obviously legal event with such an amazing crowd. Everyone was wearing masks, yes, mostly black as well (pun intended) and was super respectful towards the hygiene rules. The energy was incredible. Matt (Radio Slave) invited me to play the last two hours, right after him (thanks so much for that Matt) and it was the most intense set I have played this year (admitted, that wasn’t hard really.. but under those circumstances, also pretty incredible). For me personally I can say that this was really, really needed… To have such an experience again DJing .. I almost forgot how amazing it is to have this kind of connection with a crowd and feeling the flow of events during a night. Additionally, we were so lucky with the weather. Crazy.

Thank you all for that. All of you who were there, also especially the promoters who put up such a fantastic event (Martin, Matt…)

I think it is so important to keep having legal and safe events going forward. The industry needs it, the people need it and yes… also I need it 🙂

Stay safe everyone!

Chris Liebing – Tracklist AM/FM 292

LSD – Process 1

Robert Hood – REKIDS168 13 – Robert Hood – 7 Mile Dog 1644 PM

Robert Hood – REKIDS168 02 – Robert Hood – Nothing Stops Detroit 1644 PM

Oscar Mulero, Notzing – To Induce To Dance feat. Oscar Mulero (Oscar Mulero Deconstruction Version) – Edit Select

Setaoc Mass – Exrela (Original Mix) – SK_Eleven

LSD – Process 11 – 5A

Blue Hour – Beyond the Void (Jerm Remix) – Blue Hour

Marcal – RSPX22 01 Marcal – Ainozama 1644 PM

Dekeyden – Hexagonal Lies (Original Mix) – AWRY

Bas Mooy – Zeis

T99 – Anasthasia (Chris Liebing reactivated remix)

FJAAK – It’s Time Again

Marco Faraone – no drama (Liebing Remix)

Robert Hood – REKIDS168 10 – Robert Hood – A Shattered Image 1644 PM

Chris Liebing – card house (radio slave master)

Chris Liebing – Out of this World (Bjarki remix master)

Robert Hood – REKIDS168 03 – Robert Hood – Fear Not 1644 PM f voc


Collabs – rec_46_mixdown_7_premaster __160519_44khz_24Bit_Brian@calyx REV 1

Hybrasil – REKIDS160 A2 Hybrasil – Hour Glass 1644 PM

Rawkorder – Sonic Assault (Original Mix) Sonic Groove – Sonic Groove

ROD – bigroommurder_19

Gaetano Parisio – Advanced Series Vol. I (The Advent Remix) – Conform Records

Man Power – The Ancient Of Days (Original Mix) – Me Me Me

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