Danny Bright HYPE Techno Podcast #09 August 2022

HYPE Techno Podcast #09 August 2022 by Danny Bright

Hello everyone,

welcome to the new episode of the Hype Techno Podcast! This is Danny Bright, and I am here with an amazing selection of techno tracks currently on Hype. I will be presenting tracks from Space 92, Cosmic Boys, Broken Robot, Maxie Devine, Rebuke, Sam Paganini, Nicolas Taboada, Mha Iri, Victor Ruiz, NoNameLeft, Bart Skills, HOF, Eli Brown, ADHS and Monika Kruse. So, plenty of quality techno.

Since this episode I want to introduce you to two new things. First, every next episode I will try to play one track which was influential to me during my techno career. I will call it a piece of history. For this episode, I have chosen Monika Kruse’s Latin Lovers. It is a fantastic track which influenced me a lot. I still enjoy playing it after 10 years. Second, I want to start helping producers in my country. I think the Czech Republic does have great DJs and producers, but unfortunately, non of them has yet penetrated the international DJ scene too deep. However, I am sure this will change very soon because I see better and better tracks being produced here! Today I am presenting 2 tracks from my friend Broken Robot aka Golpe. So watch out.

One last technical note from me. If you are listening to this set on Soundcloud, please consider using instead Apple Podcasts App if you have an iPhone or Google Podcast app if you have an Android, Windows, or Blackberry mobile systen. You will get better listening quality, faster-loading speed, notifications about new episodes and a possibility to download shows to your phone, for cases when you are not online. Check the Hype Techno Podcast there, subscribe and enjoy! That’s it for today, no more talk, no more bullshit, just techno, let’s go!

Let’s Hype the Techno!

Danny Bright


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