Cassandrah ART.1.43 Podcast 199

ART.1.43 Podcast 199 by Cassandrah

artist :


Marco Ginelli – Nightmare Killer (Origínal Mix)

Scove – Savage  (Original Mix)

Mython – Autosuggestion  (Original Mix)

Deep Mind Direction – Hyperloop (Class Herrmann Remix )

Cassandrah – The Devil’s Voices (unreleased)

Jose Baher – Evil Thoughts (CELEC Remix)

Mzperx – Ah Shit (Original Mix)

Jim Solis – Frequency  (Schiere Remix)

Jim Solis – Parasite  (No Neim Remix)

Omask- Talking About Techno (Original Mix)

Swart – Night Crawler (Original Mix)

Lukas & Leo Laker – Communication (Original Mix)

O.B.I – Imagination (Original Mix)

Slugos – Ohne Sorgen (Original Mix)

Alex TB – Alchemy (Original Mix)

MkM – Distorted Mind (Original Mix)

Cassandra aka Cassandrah is an Italian Dj/Producer  born in 2001 in Liguria

She has been passionate about the world of techno culture since she was 16 and then she started studying music theory and production.

She loves all facets of the hard techno scene and

in her set  she wants variety and completeness, she likes to play acid , industrial and schranz tracks.

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