Secret Groovers

Secret Groovers

Secret Groovers musical direction is different in all the right ways.

They’re crossing over the lines between Techno and Minimal with an individual style. Using a variety of spacey keys, tripped out vocals, creative effects and some serious basslines to create one of the most unique danish techno / minimal sound to offer.

Some electronic, late-night excellence you simply can’t ignore. With releases on Secret Techno Label, Globox Records, Verboten, Nice & Nasty, Stick Around Music, Absolutely Records , Contrast-R and more. Remixes and collab for Paul Mendez, Damolh33, Mark O’Sillivan (DK7), Sergio Marini and DJ’ing with names like: Extrawelt, Pan Pot, Van Bonn, Per Hammar & Beat Bizarre just to name a few.

Secret Groovers is the name to watch in the future!