Chris Liebing Vessel Club, San Francisco (AM-FM Radio 307)

Vessel Club, San Francisco (AM-FM Radio 307) by Chris Liebing

Set Report AMFM 307

Another legendary club that closed down too soon in 2015, Vessel was a beautifully designed club in the middle of San Francisco, with a top notch sound system. I always loved to play there, especially open to close sets. This one here is 5 hours long and from February 2015. Today´s show features the third hour of the set. The interesting thing with Vessel was, that it was not a “pure” techno club, actually just a few techno nights were on in this place and I guess, I was always among the most “underground” DJs to play there. I love those kind of challenges, to get a crowd going that is not only there to hear you, but also filled with people who might have never heard this kind of music before, let alone knew who I was. This is why this set is for some of you maybe all over the place and a little more tamed down, but as far as I remember, that night was quite a belter 🙂 People were always up for a good party in there, no matter what the musical direction. In case you are also looking for some more recent techno, check out my Mixcloud Select channel. I upload mastered audio versions of my #alonetogether DJ Live streams there, nicely fitted to be downloaded on your phone even. Just find me on Mixcloud and follow the white rabbit. Have a good week everyone!

Chris Liebing – Tracklist AM/FM 307


Dustin Zahn – Forward unto Dawn (Original Mix) – Sleaze Records

Jerome Sydenham – Vanishing Point

Dustin Zahn – Miss You

Audio Injection – NST073_B2_Protoxyde (Audio Injection Remix)

Radio Slave – No sleep

Wirrwarr – KNOPF

Julixo/Mekas – Error 1 (Mekas Remix)

Motor – Hyper_Lust (Pfirter_Remix)

Mark Broom – One Three O

Mekas – Pervert Disco (Flug Remix)

Mr. Jones – Apogeum (Audio Injection Remix)

Richard Bartz – Subway Pt. 1 (Mark Broom Remix)

Phase – Dirtro II (Robert Hood’s New Device Mix)

Gewobble – She Doesn’t Ask For

Lucy – Phasing

Jeff Rushin – Infiltrate (Pfirter Remix)

Developer – MST – Western Ways (Pfirter Remix)

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