Lindsey Herbert Tronic Podcast 463

Tronic Podcast 463 by Lindsey Herbert

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01.Mesa – Xen

02.Joshua Calleja – Fear of Time (Gabriella Vergilov Remix) [Northern Parallels]

03.Pyramidal Decode – Optical Noise [Dynamic Reflection]

04.The Plant Worker & Rismu – Cargado [Genau]

05.Svarog – Eccentric (Dykkon Remix) [DkN Selections]

06.Kmyle – Hematom [Break New Soil Recordings]

07.Rene Wise, Rødhåd – 190209.1 [WSNWG]

08.VSK – Orbital [System Revival Recordings]

09.Rehmark – Subterra [Children Of Tomorrow]

10.Dark Quadrant – Ecliptic Traces [DarkForest]

11.Cloned – Prototype (Lars Huismann Remix) [Solid Tracks Records]

12.Nørbak – Mirante [Soma]

13.Gabriella Vergilov – The Love Anthem (Lindsey Herbert Remix) [Northern Parallels]

14.Pøli, Lorenzo Raganzini – The Last Station (Farceb Remix) [HEX]

15.Juan Trujillo – Throb (Wisna Remix) [Simplecoding Recordings]


17.Lewis Fautzi – Inwards [MORD]

18.Oscar Mulero – Saturn [KHIDI]

19.PTTRN – Disappear 4 (Mike Parker Remix) [TOKEN]

20.Lindsey Herbert – Lucid

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