Syrette DRR Podcast 21-09-2017

DRR Podcast 21-09-2017 by Syrette

Dj Syrette presents His live set of Techno live at DRR Podcast. This set of Syrette was recorded on September 21, 2017. Download mp3.

1. Magoii – Distorted Views [Taro Extra]
2. Nervejammer – Modern Weapon B (Aaron Udy Remix) [Taro Records]
3. Developer – Natives [Failsafe]
4. Syrette – FCM [Demo]
5. Ontal – Uprock [Mord]
6. Under Black Helmet – Impulsive Behaviour [Mord]
7. Jokasti & Nek – Alex Drove Us Home [Mord]
8. Coito – Technical Error By a Corrupted Sinapsis [Ketra]
9. Syrette – Consent Factory [Demo]
10. Blurred Boy – Hydro [Nocturnal Frequencies]
11. Casper Hastings – Senoid [Messe Noire]
12. Syrette – Kylan [Taro Records]
13. Remco Beekwilder – Concrete Jungle [Monnom Black]
14. MOTH – Cave ne cadas [Self Released]
15. The Transhumans – Omega [Transhuman Records]
16. Anthro – QPO [Genesa]
17. Syrette – Rimeiku [Taro Records]
18. KRYST – Incandescent (End of Mortal Life Remix) [Taro Records] 19. JoeFarr – Plastic Form [User Experience]
20. Grayhuman – Alcyone [Kolkoz]
21. Gloker – Delphin [Grounded]
22. Kalli – Lambs Dream Of Ghosts [Obscuur]

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