Chris Liebing Stereo, Montreal 2018 (AM-FM Radio 328)

Stereo, Montreal 2018 (AM-FM Radio 328) by Chris Liebing

Set Report AMFM 328

There is so much to say about Stereo in Montreal. But I guess in order to really understand this club that opens at 2 am, serves no alcohol and closes at some point next day, you have to go and experience it, especially that incredible custom made sound system. This place is all about sound and dance. This is the fourth hour of the recording of a night in February 2018, when I played kind of a 6h set, so expect the next couple of shows as well to be all about Stereo… I cannot wait to be back… hope you enjoy the show.

Tracklist AM/FM 328

Slam – Shadow Art

Slam – Tempest – Soma Rec

Damon Wild, Tim Taylor – Bang the Acid – Edit CL (Echoplex Remix)

DJ Hell – Car Car Car (Fango Needs a New Car Remix) – International DeeJay Gigolo Records

dubspeeka – P1dC5 (Andre Kronert Remix) – Skeleton

Bjarki – Planet Earth Q94 (Live Edit) – Trip

Mirror Man – Blood is Truth (Metaphenethylamine Mix) – Bio Rhythm

Charlotte de Witte – Look Around You (Original Mix) DJ MASTER

Julian Jeweil – Module (Original Mix) – Drumcode

MATRiXXMAN – Mainframe 2.0 (Original Mix) h tool – Dekmantel

Alessandro Adriani – He Who Harnesses the Souls (Original Mix) – Stroboscopic Artefacts

Charlotte de Witte – Motion (Original Mix) – Mary Go Wild Black

Patrice Baumel – Sorcery (Original Mix) – Kompakt

Phil Kieran – 1 – Run Away

Julian Jeweil – Encke (Original Mix) – Drumcode

Ellen Allien – Lost In Paradise (Original Mix) – Watergate Records

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