Drumcell Fabric Promo Mix 01-03-2017

Fabric Promo Mix 01-03-2017 by Drumcell

Dj Drumcell presents His live set of Techno live at Fabric Promo Mix. This set of Drumcell was recorded on March 1, 2017. Download mp3.

Being both born and bred in Los Angeles is a bit of a rare thing according to Moe Espinoza who has produced and performed music under the name of Drumcell for the last 20 years of his life. He calls it a ‘city of transplants’ a place where people from all corners of the United States (indeed the world) come together seeking out a life for themselves. However, for some time residents of the city who were drawn to the emerging sound of house and techno in the 90s found themselves to be direly lacking in environments to engage in this sound. Espinoza himself was more than aware of this problem after being drawn into the genre from his very first rave experience, so as part of the crew Droid Behaviour he established a network of party goers and artists putting on techno parties in LA’s vast expanse of warehouse spaces. To the credit of his hard work, the scene has flourished and in recent years putting the city on the map for international artists alongside the more traditionally renowned spots for electronics, Minneapolis and Detroit.

But for Espinoza it’s always been about the actual creation of music, this is where his drive has always been. There are many layers to his capabilities, too. Drumcell and Droid Behaviour have always been about techno made for the dancefloor and the bringing of souls together, yet his live project Hypoxia and newer label BL_K Noise explores a much more introverted, experimental and immersive potential to his aesthetic.

We have a huge amount of respect for not only his audial ethos but also for the dedication he’s shown to bringing the spirit of techno to his home city. So, ahead of his debut in Room Two this coming Saturday night we felt it important to share his story and his style of selections in this interview and exclusive promo mix.


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