Chris Liebing AM-FM Radio 340

AM-FM Radio 340 by Chris Liebing

So this is something new. I present to you on AMFM my latest #alonetogether live stream from August 20th 2021. That means you could also watch the whole thing on my youtube channel if you like. The difference here is though that the set is nicely mastered for your full listening pleasure and not just some weird streaming sound quality. If you like more of this, visit my Mixcloud Select page … I always put up all live streams as well as AMFM shows without me talking and of course mastered. After around 3h sadly my live stream computer started crashing, so if you discover the occasional weird mix, that was due to me trying to get that laptop back to work so the stream would continue … I guess it got too hot in the rave cave for the little laptop… well that put my focus away from the music for a while… Besides that, when I stream, there is a little multitasking going on next to making sure I stream on various channels live, as I not only DJ, I also do the visuals, lights, fog, camera angles, communicating in the comment sections, as well hosting some of my neighbours who showed up in my rave cave. Don’t tell me I can´t walk and chew gum at the same time…;) . Anyways, this is the third hour of the stream, with loads of new music on here. I hope I see you somewhere soon again, live on the dance floor!

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Tracklist AMFM 340

Stephen Disario, Danny Wabbit – Pulse – Planet Rhythm

Marcal – Matsu – Rekids Special Projects

FJAAK – Candide – SPANDAU20

Arjun Vagale 01. – Time Cop – Quartzrec

Danny Wabbit – Schizophrenia – [R]3volution

Planetary Assault Systems – Say It Loud (Original Mix) – Token

Amotik – Ikyavan – Amotik

DEAS – Command

Hybrasil – Wild Blue Yonder

Drumcell & Thomas Hoffknecht – 00_10

Robert Hood – The Cure – Rekids

Marcel Dettmann – Command – SSPB

Norman Nodge – The Raid – SPANDAU20

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