Chris Liebing Akvarium Club, Budapest (AM-FM Radio 331)

Akvarium Club, Budapest (AM-FM Radio 331) by Chris Liebing

Set Report AMFM 331

“Ok, maybe I should have not chosen this set for you on AMFM, but… as it marks a milestone really for many reasons, I thought I share it with you with all its ups and downs.

I recorded this set at Akvarium Club in Budapest on Friday July 2nd 2021 and it was my first gig in front of a live crowd in a year! Felt amazing and I wanna thank everyone for making this such an awesome experience.

A second “first” is, that additionally to my regular Traktor/Maschine setup, I included 2 Pioneer CDJ 3000’s. Yes, I want to be like other DJs or rather try what many other DJs do for years, use CDJs. Not as a replacement, rather as an addition. “Why?” you might ask, well a couple of things, I always wanna learn new things (yes, never in my life I used CDJs for DJing..never), the CDJs have some cool features, like slip reverse etc and also I like the fact to mix something in from another source other than Traktor, gives me back a little more the mixing DJ “feel” (as you will hear some transitions where I struggle to keep the beats matched, but I guess that makes it all a bit more “alive” maybe?) and last but not least, using additionally CDJs gives me the peace of mind if something goes wrong with my laptop. I call it an “exit strategy”. Every DJ should have that one way or the other to prevent sudden silence on the floor.

The third “first” is maybe the biggest. I use a new mixer. “What?!” I hear you ask once more, as I have been quite a Model1 guy from the beginning, even helping creating the mixer with a bunch of other DJs together under the helm of Richie, but time moves on and new things want to be discovered. So during the pandemic I stumbled upon the new Pioneer DJM V10 mixer and have to say it is quite a beast. Yes, the people at Pioneer “borrowed” quite some ideas that we had put into the Model1 mixer (fun fact, which in turn must mean that I might have indirectly also contributed to this new one? .. anyways, nothing is original these days, everything is a remix of something before, right?) , but Pioneer did whatever they did really well. What a lovely mixer with a great sound and haptics and so I decided to use this one as well on my first “real world gig” too. So as you can see, a lot of “firsts”. I find this so amazing with Techno.. it just constantly keeps evolving.. never ends really.

Not sure if that is so smart to do so many “first” things after a year of not DJing in front of a live crowd, but hey, you gotta have some additional challenges I thought, or better, I didn´t think much at all.

And now I thought it is a good Idea to share that set with you. I might regret (and delete) that later, but hey why not see what you think….so please share your thoughts with me in the comments below, would be happy to read them. As time goes by, I guess I will learn new tricks and ways to play with that “new setup”. Always so much to learn.

Stay safe and healthy out there. Can´t wait to see you on the dance floor somewhere. Exciting times ahead.”

Tracklist AMFM 331

Sailor & I – Thinking About You (Radio Slave featuring Thomas Gandey Remix)

Amotik – Ikyavan

Joseph Capriati – Spirit Brothers (ANNA Remix)

Stephen Disario, Danny Wabbit – Pulse feat. Danny Wabbit (Original Mix) – Planet Rhythm

Setaoc Mass – Inferno (Original Mix) – SK_Eleven

Rene Wise – Hand Tap

Hybrasil – Wild Blue Yonder – HBL MSTR.3

Robert Hood REKIDS184 B1 Robert Hood – The Majestic 1644 PM

Hertz Collision, Gene Richards Jr – Hood Thang (Original Mix) – Truncate

Marcel Dettmann – Command – Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin

Truncate Sanhaji – Brian_Sanhaji_- Lift_Off_(Truncate_Remix)

Amotik – Daya (Original Mix) – Bpitch

Thomas Hoffknecht – 3. Push (Flug Mutation)

Truncate – Basic (Original Mix) – Bpitch

Paul Ritch – Insomnie

Marcal – RSPX22 01 Marcal – Ainozama 1644 PM

Gaetano Parisio – Advanced Series Vol. I (The Advent Remix) – Conform Records

Keith Carnal – Endless

Robert Hood – The Struggle

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