ACID SUB-SECTOR 25-12-2018

SUB-SECTOR 25-12-2018 by ACID

Dj ACID presents His live set of Techno live at SUB-SECTOR. This set of ACID was recorded on December 25, 2018. Download mp3.

Acid – Sian (Octopus Warehouse Series)
Talk About Drums (Original Mix) – Shelley (Techburst Records)
Oxygen (Original Mix) – More Analog (Techburst Records)
Jack Tech (Original Mix) – Teqnov (AUTEKTONE DARK)
WVNDERLVST (Original Mix) – 0010X0010 (Generation Acid)
Acid Girl (Original Mix) – Schiere (DSR Digital)
Skeletor (Original Mix) – T78 (AUTEKTONE DARK)
Hordak (Tool Mix) – T78 (AUTEKTONE DARK)
Particle (Extended Mix) – Pakau (Techburst Records)
Some acid Yes, Please (Original Mix) – Antonio Valente (DSR Digital)
Any Time 2nd Phase (Extended Remix) – 2nd Phase, Thick As Thieves (Techburst Records)
Acid Kiss (Original Mix) – EFTEK (Techburst Records)
Drawn To Distraction (Original Mix) – Rudosa (Suara)
Mosaic (Luca Agnelli Remix) – Luca Agnelli, Mikael Jonasson (Suara)
I Am Ready (Aurelio Mendoza Remix) – Aurelio Mendoza, Gary Burrows (Bubblejam)
Hyperacid (Original Mix) – Giacomo Renzi (Suara)
This Is the Sound (Original Mix) – Davide De P (AUTEKTONE DARK)
Big Acid (Extended Mix) – Disclame (AUTEKTONE DARK)
Side Effekt (Original Mix) – Alen Milivojevic (Techburst Records)
Open (Original Mix) – Jo Ann (2Faces)
The End (Extended Mix) – Disclame (AUTEKTONE DARK)

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